Brazil AMARELO MANTIQUEIRA coffee beans, 200 g

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Brazil AMARELO MANTIQUEIRA coffee beans, 200 g
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Introducing Brazil's AMARELO MANTIQUEIRA, a coffee that boasts a delectable combination of chocolate, hazelnut, raisin, and berry flavor notes.

Notes of flavour:


More about coffee:

Hailing from the Mantiqueira region, where yellow coffee beans are grown in place of the usual red ones, this coffee is a yellow Bourbon arabica variety that will add a unique complexity and fruity character to your Brazilian coffee experience.

AMARELO MANTIQUEIRA is sourced from Minas Gerais, Brazil, and is grown at an altitude of 1000-1250 meters. The beans undergo a dry processing method and are medium-roasted to perfection. Don't miss out on the opportunity to savor this exceptional coffee.

We roast coffee in small quantities several times a week to achieve the freshest product. Packing and delivering to couriers the same or the next day after the order, except on weekends and public holidays.


    • Minas Gerais, Brazil
    • 1000/1250 M.
    • Arabica
    • Yellow Bourbon
    • Dry Roast: Medium

About the master

This coffee is roasted by the most known coffee roaster master in Lithuania, book author, LONDON SCHOOL OF COFFEE alumni, coffee school founder, his personal coffee shop was nominated by the best 50 coffee shops of Europe in 2020.

Recipe for elegant coffee with CHEMEX

The elegant Chemex is the champion of pour-over brewing. The iconic design of the prestigious glass Chemex coffee brewer is unmistakable, demanding only the best coffee beans be used to ensure a rich full cup. With this exceptionally minimalist design, You can have pure coffee and easy preparation of coffee cup.



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